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Link to our adidas gear website:

Link to Highlight video for 2019 Season:

To find season information, look on the football information page. There are many other pages that will be used throughout the year. We will be uploading season pictures through the year (if you take any that you would like to be shared, let me know). The stats page will take you directly to the Wyopreps website, this is where they will post the season stats for teams across the state. We will also have a player of the week page, where a JV and Varsity player will be selected each week, based off of their play. They will be recognized for the week on that page. Schedule for the season is already uploaded, times of games are not set in stone they are subject to change. 

Coaching Staff

Head Coach:

Cody Bohlander

Assistant Coaches:

Mick Cochran

Tony Borton 

Jake Montoya 

Jeff Hanni 

Curran Irvine 



Link to Bulldog Handbook