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Football Information

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Week 1

JV: Newcastle  Wheatland 

Varsity: Newcastle  Wheatland 

Week 2

JV: Pine Bluffs  Wheatland 

Varisty: Upton   Wheatland    

Week 3:

JV: Cheyenne East  Wheatland  

Varsity: Glenrock  Wheatland  

Week: 4 

JV: Torrington  Wheatland  

Varsity: Burns  Wheatland 

Week 5:

JV: Gering  Wheatland 

Varsity: Thermopolis  Wheatland 

Week 6: 

JV: Glenrock  Wheatland 

Varsity: Buffalo  Wheatland 

Week 7:

JV: Burns  Wheatland 

Varsity: Moorcroft   Wheatland 

Week 8:

JV: Pinedale Wheatland

Varsity: Pinedale  Wheatland