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Not Just Another Math Class

Posted Date: 05/05/2021

This year 22 Wheatland High School seniors signed up to take Financial Algebra as their last math class in high school.  We spent the year learning about stocks, business, banking, credit, vehicle ownership, employment, taxes, independent living, retirement, insurance, budgeting and more. This year however, we took this course a little further.  The ultimate goal is to prepare students to be successful in life and for everything that life comes with, so job interview practice, personal defense training, how to change a tire, and CPR/First Aid training were added.  These seniors not only learned amazing life skills this year, but they also had fun and excelled with each new challenge presented to them.  If you ask one of them, “Did you use math every day in this class?” they would say yes, but they also learned hands on skills that they will have now forever.  What an amazing year it has been to work with this great group of seniors.  When they walk the stage at graduation and head off on their own there is no doubt they are ready to take on the challenge.  A huge thank you to all the community members, teachers, and administrators who volunteered their time to come in over the course of the school year and help me to make this all possible for these students. 

Mrs. Harlan

Wheatland High School Math Teacher



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