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School Lunches

Students, Parents, and Staff: Please make sure you are checking lunch menus daily for substitutions, as we are facing food and supply shortages due to widespread supply chain disruptions. Also, please be vigilant with your lunch count numbers so our lunchroom staff can be adequately prepared and plan for substitutions when needed. We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times. #oneplatte1

COVID Response

Platte #1 COVID-19 Response 2021-2022 This document was approved 7-0 at the Special School Board Meeting on 8/21/21. This document will help guide us through the school year.

Quarantine Protocols

UPDATED Quarantine Protocols 9.13.21 Please see the link below for the updated quarantine protocols for Platte #1. These protocols were adopted on 9/13/21 at a Special Board meeting.